flyer for november 8 show

November 8, 7pm



Tommy Becker

Tommy Becker will present his piece Elective: ART  as a live cinema work. Vocals & musical elements performed live to synched video/sound.

Elective: ART is an art rock film that reflects on my twenty year journey as a high school art teacher. Original song writing and spoken word combines with performance art, archival footage and direct 16mm film elements to celebrate the freedom of imagination, autonomy in creativity and necessity of creative practices in our schools. The film depicts an art wizard unlocking a student’s imagination sending them into a surreal world where a color wheel escapes the classroom. Aided by primary colors, a hero’s journey ensues as the class clown is tasked with retrieving the wheel and freeing other students from the tedium of their school day. More information at

Tommy Becker playing live

Sean Bonnette with a Public Enemy t-shirt

Sean Bonnette

Co-founder of the punk-folk band AJJ, Sean will be performing a solo noise set.



stephen dorocke and brandon ross

Brandon ross + Stephen Dorocke

Tucson duo J Brandon Ross and Stephen Dorocke
combine electroacoustic techniques, prepared
instrumentation, and found sound collage to
build improvised soundscapes that drift between
playful experimentation and cinematic
Their set will be accompanied
by video collage produced by Ross for the occasion.

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